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J. Herbin Lie de The

Ink cartridges for this review were provided by Jet Pens for review purposes.

This is an ink that I was seeing on Instagram and on other blogs for a while. I knew that I needed to get my hands on it. Fortunately, Jet Pens was nice enough to send me a tin of cartridges to try out. 

I really like these tins. This one is decorated with a tea pot (and with some nice violet ink that must have exploded on it at some point). The name of the ink refers to the dregs of tea, and that's appropriate. This ink reminds me a bit of the color of tea leaves after I've made tea. 

 I popped a cart into this Rotring Newton 600, one of my all-time favorite pens. It's got a really nice medium nib, and a perfectly medium flow.

There's a little bit of nib-creep, but it's not bad at all, and the brown looks kinda nice on the nib. 

 I think this ink is pretty great. It's a warm brown color that shades well and feels smooth.

 The only drawback for this ink is that it isn't super friendly to cheap paper. It doesn't bleed much, but it does tend to feather. If you're using cheap paper, then there are other browns (and sepias) out there that fit the bill.

As you can see below, there is a difference between the yellowish tint of this ink and the reddish tint of the Hazelnut. It's more earthy, and less fancy. 

You can find this ink in bottles and cartridges for $5.50 per 6 cartridges.

The chromatography for this ink is pretty neat.

 It writes brown, but the tones in the ink are definitely grey and orange with just a touch of blue and a hint of pink. Unexpectedly cool. 

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Peninkcillin said...

Had no idea they put Lie de The in cartridges, much less in that cute tin. Pretty cool. I prefer the bottled ink though and it's cheaper besides.

Mike Matteson said...

I don't care for the J. Herbin bottles (too shallow), but they're definitely a better ink-deal than the cartridges.