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November's Ink Drop

This month's ink drop is a good one. The theme was "Autumn Leaves," and they're focused on the sort of leaves that we have around these parts right now: reds, golds and browns.

I have the bottom two inks. I reviewed Tiananmen back in May during grading season, and I didn't love it. It was too dry for me, but my mother really liked the sample that I passed on to her. I don't know what pen she's using it in (perhaps she'll comment here and let us know), but I think it must have a wetter nib than the Al-star that I reviewed it in. It's a nice color if you have a pen that works well with it.

I know I have Cayenne as well, but I can't find a review of it. I guess I got it before I started blogging about ink. It's a good excuse to go back and give it a shot!

I've started using Gandhi and Morinda this week, and they're both really interesting inks. Gandhi looks like a gold when it's dried. Not a dark gold, but the bright gold of a polished watch or ring. It's a really interesting color. Morinda looks a little bit like writing in ketchup. I don't know why, exactly, but that's what it reminds me of so far.

I don't have Ochre in anything yet, but I'm looking forward to checking it out.

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Linda said...

I am using Noodler's Tiananmen in the Kaweco Classic Sport that Mike gave me for my birthday this year. I don't have the incredible collection of inks that he has so my experience is much more limited. I haven't used Tiananmen in any of my other pens because I've used only the Kaweco pen since I've received it two months ago.

Mike Matteson said...

I wonder if there's something special about the Kaweco that makes this ink perform better? Maybe I'll give it a shot in mine when I use up this cartridge full of 54th Mass.