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Chesterfield Teal


This is the only one of these Chesterfield inks that I've tried. They are supposed to be  re-bottled Diamine inks, but this is not as good as any of the Diamine inks that I've used. They're shipped from in little bottles that are pretty easy to fill a pen from, and Teal looks like it's going to be a really pigmented ink that clings to the walls of the bottle. It turns out that it's a pretty good color, but the performance of the ink makes it un-fun to write with. It drags and flows weakly and unevenly from pens like my TWSBI 540 and Kaweco Sport that are generally excellent pens. Overall, I can't recommend this ink to anyone.

It might help if I thinned it out a little bit, I think, but I've never thinned an ink before. Does anyone have tips about doing that?

Here's the water test of the ink.

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Christopher said...

I have bought lots of different Chesterfield inks and all of them have been absolutely excellent.

Mike Matteson said...

Have you tried Teal? If so, I'd be interested in knowing if it worked better for you than me. It just didn't do it for me in a couple of darn-good pens. I've use a bunch of Diamine, and I generally like them. I'll probably get some more Chesterfields when I make another order from xFountainpens.