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Happy Christmas!

I hope you're all having a great holiday. I'm in Knoxville with my wife and in-laws this Christmas, so I'm low on pictures for the ol' blog right now.

I only got one fountain pen for Christmas this year, and that was from my dad. He took a long trip to Alaska this summer, and while he was there he found me a hand-made pen that is heavy enough to be brass, but the cap is magnetic, so I'm thinking it might be blued steel. The body of the pen is made from moose antler, and it's really quite nice. He wasn't sure whether the nib was any good or not, as he's not a fountain pen user, but it's a pretty smooth iridium-tipped steel nib. I haven't had much time with the pen, but I think I'm going to like it. I'll have some pictures up when I get back home tomorrow or the next day.

I did buy myself a bottle of Visconti Sepia ink from A Pen Lover's Paradise. It's on sale there for $5, but I got an email from them saying that they aren't sure they have enough of it to fulfill the orders, and they won't be shipping until after the 1st. I guess I'll have to wait until then to see if I've actually got a bottle. I hear it's good stuff. Ever used it?

Hope your holidays are good ones! Let me know what pens or ink you all got for xmas.
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Randall said...

I ordered the same Visconti Sepia ink from Pen Lover's Paradise, and got the same email. I think they might have become a little overwhelmed by the interest in this ink. :-)

Mike Matteson said...

Well, by the reviews that I've seen of it online, the interest is warranted. Especially at $5/bottle. Well, $11 after their silly shipping rates.