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Diamine Coral (now with 100% more chromatography!)


Diamine Coral is an ink that I've been using for a bit in my Monteverde Artista Crystal. It's an orange pen, and it's fun to use this color in that pen. It doesn't hurt that this is a really interesting color that behaves really well on the page.

I didn't see any of the sheen until I was looking at the swatch through the camera lense. I bet you'd see it with a really wet nib, but I didn't see it with the medium nib I was using.

It turns out that I was unsure how to spell "surprise." I was spelling it correctly, but it looked wrong so I crossed it out, tried it again, and then decided that I'd gotten it right. I couldn't re-do the review because I was darn-near out of the ink as it was. This is a great one. 

Looks like I captured some of the sheen in this picture. 

**Newly Added**  Since this seems to be a popular feature, I'll try to keep it up. Here's a chromatograph of Diamine Coral. Lots of pinks and yellows in there with just a touch of red.

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Water Drop Test and Video Review:

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thebabycub said...

Missing the Chromatography, a nice unique feature that I love about your reviews.

I guess this one didn't have multiple componenets?

Mike Matteson said...

You know what, I was thinking (as I was taking pictures for this review yesterday) that I hadn't done a chromatography for this one. Since you missed it, I'm doing it right now and I'll have the pics up soonish.

Peninkcillin said...

Amazing chromatography as usual! And the ink isn't bad either. Maybe I'll give it a try at some point.