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Sailor Shigure

Another almost-black ink in the new Sailor collection, again, thanks to the Andersons at This time, we've got a purple-black ink. Just like the last few inks, this one is excellent. I'm really glad to be able to write that so many times in a row.

Shigure doesn't have the most shading or the most sheen in the collection, but it has enough of both to stand out while being an excellent everyday ink.

If you like what you see here, then you can find samples and bottles of Shigure at

As you'll see above, the purple of this ink is only going to stand out when you're using very good paper or under strong lighting.

Yep. Illustration. Flower is not to scale. 

The pictures below show how the ink behaves on regular copy paper. It's a very smooth ink, even in the fine nib of my Vista, which has a history of being a bit dry. There's not much shading from this ink on copy paper, but it is still purple enough if you look closely.

 There's a bit of show-through from this ink, but not very much. There's also just a little bit of bleed, but it's pretty minor. It might be more pronounced in a wetter nib, as this ink is pretty free-flowing.

Below, we have a well-lit sample of Shigure next to several other inks. I don't have many purple inks, but this is one that I could see adding to my collection. 

Plenty of sheen showing up in this swatch. It has a coppery tone to it. 

Chromatography shows this ink to be made up of several blue and purple shades with a top note of black. I sort of wonder where the sheen shows up in this ink, because I don't see the shiny bits in here.

Water Drop Test and Review Video:

I found out that I could take stills while I was taking video. This one turned out pretty well.

As you'll have seen in the pictures above, no water resistance here. Even brief exposure to water messes this one all up.

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