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Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu (Evergreen Pine)

Hi folks,
This is the first of the "new" Sailor inks that just became available in the US this summer. Lisa and Brian Anderson kindly provided samples of each of the new inks (free of charge!), and I'm excited to be able to show them to you. (Previews available here.)

Tokiwa-Matsu is a light-medium green with just a touch of a sheen to it where the ink pools. I tried to catch that sheen in my pictures of the ink smear, but It's kind of hard to see. Present, but not the focal point of this ink.

You'll notice that I misspelled the ink's name every time I wrote it. I don't know why I did that.

As I say in the written review, this is a really smooth ink. It tended to skate just a bit in this nib, but that might be due to the Custom 74's really smooth nib. Its' a nice green with lots of shading.

This ink is also really well behaved. In fact, all of the new Sailor inks that I've tried are real well behaved. They don't seem to bleed, feather, or spread on any kind of decent paper. I have a couple of pads of really bad paper, and it will feather some on that paper, but it doesn't do any of that on common office copy paper (Staples 20lb paper is my tester paper.)

This isn't quite a replacement for Sailor's Jentle Epinard. It's not quite dark enough to replace that ink for a lot of people, I'd guess. It's still a pretty nice green. 

Look at the sheen on Oku-Yama!

If you like what you see her, then get yourself a bottle (or just a 3ml sample) at Anderson Pens. The bottles are $18 and the samples are $2.50.

Bottles of Epinard (while they last) are available for $12.50.

Water Test and Video Review

Spoiler picture:

Thanks to the Andersons, this ink sample was free. No money changed hands and no promises were given. The opinions expressed in this review are mine, alone.
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