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Montblanc Jonathan Swift Seaweed Green

This MontBlanc ink has a plant theme, but I didn't have any seaweed handy. Isn't that shot artsy? Yeah. It's a little artsy. It's also too pink. I took that picture in a potted plant under a reddish umbrella. Anyway. I kinda like it.

Seaweed is an interesting ink, but I'm not sure that i like it. My wife, on the other hand, really likes it. She has a thing for grey inks, and this one definitely has some grey in it. Check out the chromatography below for a look at that grey. It's really kind of a grey ink with some green in it. That's an interesting idea, and it does seem to get the green of seaweed. It's just not my favorite color.

Here's the written review. The pictures are pre-water-test.

 And a bunch of close-up shots. 

This is a really good shading ink. It does shade on all sorts of paper, and not just Rhodia. 

This is a picture that I took outside, and you can see that the ink takes on a much more grey cast outside. It's definitely a grey-green, and that's a weird intersection of colors, so the audience for this ink will be limited a bit.

 There's no bleed through on this copy paper

If you want to get your hands on this weird ink, I suggest that you move quickly to find some. I'm not sure where to get it, actually. I got these LE inks from the Montblanc store that was near the DC Pen Show venue last summer, and I don't see Seaweed Green on any of the sites that I usually shop on. I'm sure it can be found, but don't dilly dally. It's around $15-20 for a 35ml bottle. 

Video Review:

I decided that it was a nice day outside, so I made this video in my back yard under a big umbrella that we just got to shade the patio. Unfortunately, it got really windy at about that time, and so there's a little bit of wind-noise on the video. Also, near the end the umbrella almost took off due to a particularly fierce gust. On the plus side, I show my backyard, a little bit of my gardens, and Scraggles the Dog makes an appearance. Also, I see that YouTube converted it from my normal hi-def video into a kinda low-def one. Weird. Maybe outside isn't a great place for videos. Oh well. 

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tbaley said...

I'm with you, Mike. Looks like the dirty water from the glass we used to clean the glass pen when trying out a dozen or two different colors. Dirty water.

Mike Matteson said...

Well, I'm glad it's not just me.

Linda said...

Dromgoole's has it for sale on its website.

Mike Matteson said...

So the do! Thanks for pointing that out. (Also, that Collodi ink looks sweet.)

I always forget to go there because I don't buy from them online. I loved that store, but their online presence is pretty minimal.

thenumberthirteen said...

This looks really nice. I just wish I had heard about this sooner as I can't find a bottle in the UK. I had the same problem with Einstein Grey as well. Curse these limited editions :(