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Sailor Doyou (Midsummer)

Another Sailor ink! Who'd a'thunk it?! Again, thanks go out to the Andersons for providing me with these samples. I don't know if you're getting sick of seeing these Sailor inks, but I'm not. I'm just sad that I'm almost out of new Sailors to try out.

This time we've got Doyou. This is a dark, complex black-brown ink that mostly looks black. It's probably my new favorite black. It's not a real black, but it's close.

I actually wasn't excited about using this ink. I'm just not a fan of black inks. Most of them are boring, and I thought that's how it would be.

Seriously. Look at all the colors that it takes to make this ink. 

Okay, here's the written review. Lots of pictures. Lots of them. 

 That's the pen I was using for this review. It's a pretty wet nib, and that was what I wanted for this ink. If there was going to be any shading I wanted it to show up.

I'm so jealous of other people's review drawings. I decided to draw something. This time it's (clearly) (obviously) an owl sitting on a tree branch. You knew that.

Not only is the color cool and complex, it's well-behaved. This is the ink in a wet nib on Staples copy paper. There's very little bleed through. I'd say it's more like ghosting. You could totally use the other side if you wanted to.

As you can see below, it's not as black as it appears. It's a super-dark brown. This picture was taken under fairly bright lights and really close up. Mostly, it looks black.

The Water Drop Review Video:


Yeah, it's got some water resistance. Great color, great performance, and it doesn't just wash off? Super.

Go find some of this ink. You can find it at for $18. I think it's worth the price of admission.

**This was a free sample from Anderson Pens. The review reflects only my experiences with this ink.**

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Peninkcillin said...

Cool review and I like your drawings! I feel you, I wish I had some artistic ability, so I could make better use of all these pens and inks.

How did you get the colors to separate like that?

Mike Matteson said...


The chromatography is super easy. You just cut off a strip of something absorbent (white cone-style coffee filters work great), put a drop of ink near the end of the filter and then dip that end into some water. I try not to touch the ink drop with the water. The water is sucked up the filter and the dyes move with it at various rates. It shows what dyes and such are in the ink. Maybe I'll make a video next time I do it. SCIENCE.

Peninkcillin said...

Hah that's pretty darn ingenious. Now all I need to do is to start a coffee addiction, since I don't drink any and, by extension, don't have coffee filters either :)

You should definitely do a video if you have time.