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Sailor Nioi-Sumire


This is the second to last of the new Sailor inks. Thanks to Anderson Pens for sending over these samples.

Nioi-Sumire is the best shader in the group, and that's something in a set like this. This ink shades even on regular copy paper, which isn't all that common.

 Both of these are the same ink in the same pen. Weird, right?

Here's the written review. I really liked this ink, though I don't think it's nearly as violet as it is a blue. For me, not a purple-lover, that's great.

I forgot to draw a "sweet violet!" 

Here's Nioi-Sumire on a couple of different media as well as a chromatography strip. 

 Above you'll see a close-up of the ink on a Mnemosyne Word Card, which shows the bit of sheen that you get from this ink. 
Below is a close up of the smear on Rhodia. 

The chromatography of this ink is a little one two-note. It's not the awesome mix-up of different colors that you see in some of the other Sailors in this line, but it comes out great on paper.

Here is the ink on some regular copy paper. There's nothing bleeding through on this one. Hooray! Also, I took these pictures under a different light, and it's amazing what a difference that makes.

This is a really nice ink. Those of you who love a shading ink, this is one for you. It flows really well, and it's well-behaved. Get a bottle or a sample at Anderson Pens for $18 or $2.50, respectively.

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