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Platinum Mix-Free Leaf Green


I've got a couple of green inks to show, and this is the first of them. Platinum is a pen and ink maker that I'm not all that familiar with. They make some beautiful high-end pens (that I haven't gotten to try out yet) as well as the super-affordable Preppy and moderately-priced Plaisir. They also make a set of inks that are a little difficult to get ahold of. I've checked several sites, and it appears that Goulet is the only site that sells them. They go for $20 per 60ml bottle. Samples are the way to go for these, I'd think. 

The cool thing about these inks is that you can mix them all together to make your own colors. That's the Mix-Free part of the ink's name. There are plenty of inks that you can mix together, but most people are a little cautious about doing that because it can lead to all sorts of odd results if you mix different brands together or different collections within the same brand. I've heard of sediments and solidifications and all sorts of things. You won't have that problem with these inks, Platinum promises. Mix away!

This particular ink isn't all that saturated (so that it can be mixed well, I guess), so you see shading even on copy papers. That's a good feature for some people. Otherwise, this is a really nice green. It behaves well, and it looks 'happy,' if you ask me. 

I've got Mont Blanc's Swift Seaweed coming up soon, and this Leaf Green is much more green.

Nope, so real bleed in this nib. A couple of spots are showing through the copy paper, but I would totally use the other side of the page.

 Sorry about the yellow cast on this. I took several of these pictures under a lame lamp, but I'm not looking for color-correctness in these anyway. 

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