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Sailor Yama-Dori

Yama-Dori on the nib of my Faber-Castell Basic.

Yama-Dori is a pretty excellent teal ink. It's on the dark side of teal, with plenty of shading and a bit of sheen. All of this actually comes out in the swatch below.

I'm taking advantage of the new, bigger area on my new blog template. 
Check out that sheen! It's a bit purple.

As with the rest of this Sailor collection, Yama-Dori is well-behaved and interesting. It flows well from the nib, and it doesn't really bleed, though it does come through just a bit more than the other inks. 

That's a Pheasant. 
 These next couple of photos are close-ups taken of this ink on Staples 20lb copy paper.
 You don't really see the sheen on this paper, and it doesn't shade nearly as much as it does on Rhodia.

 This ink had just a little bit of ghosting with a few spots coming through the back of the copy paper.

Lots of inks compared. 5 Sailor inks, included. This one stands out as the only teal. 

I've enjoyed doing the chromatography on these inks. Some of them are complex, but this one is a bit more simple. Mostly it's the same sort of blue that you find is Souten, but the dark notes at the top are what set it apart. Is that green in there?

If you're looking for a shading teal ink with a fair bit of sheen, then check out Yama-Dori. It's available at Anderson Pens for $18

Water Drop Test:

Spoiler Pic:

This ink was given to me by the kind folks at Anderson Pens. This review is solely reflective of my experiences with this ink. 
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GourmetPens said...

THESHEEEEEN!!!! *drool*

Mike Matteson said...

Hey, Azizah! Yep. LOTS of sheen in this collection. Check out Oku-Yama if you want tons of sheen.