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Franklin-Christoph Noir et Bleu


 This is the second of the six Franklin Christoph inks that I have to show. This one is a deep blue-black that verges on purple. It's far darker than most blue-blacks, I think, and it doesn't tend towards green like many of those do. This one verges on purple, if anything.

Like the rest of this set, these bottles were given to me free-of-charge for review purposes.

 Long story short, this is a cool ink that flows well, doesn't bleed significantly, and feels very smooth on the nib. Check it out below.
 Written Review


 This ink has a good amount of lubrication to it, and it's a little too slick for some nibs, I'd think. This new L-Tech is a really smooth nib (maybe too smooth), and it tends to skate a little on the Rhodia. I didn't have any problems with the Rotring, though, so I don't think it's the ink's fault. Both pens felt good on regular papers. Remember, an ink's performance often has as much to do with the paper and the nib as it does the ink itself.

Ink Comparisons

Just like the last ink, this one is unlike the others in my collection. I'm always happy to find an ink that is unique. What does this one remind you of?


See that purple? I think that's what makes it so dark and keeps it from looking greenish.

Copy Paper Test

 There are a few spots of bleed there, but hardly anything to worry about.

Water Drop Test and Review Video

You can find these inks at Franklin-Christoph's site for $12.50 in a 2oz glass bottle. Noir et Bleu is a unique ink, it behaves well, and it would be a good buy for anyone looking for a serious blue-black. This one would not be out of place in any environment.

This ink was provided to me for review purposes, but all of my reviews reflect only my own experiences and opinions of a product.
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Aquaria said...

Got this as a sample in an iPenBox, and immediately fell in love with it. As you said, it has no green in it, unlike so many other blue-black inks, it behaves well on a wide variety of paper, and it flows beautifully.

I was so impressed with this ink that it's become the blue-black I judge all others against. A real shame that it doesn't get as much love as some of the more famous inks out there,