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Montblanc Pink Ink (Limited Edition)


It's Montblanc Limited Edition Week, here at Inkdependence!

First up, Pink!

This ink was kindly sent to me by Appelboom Pennen in the Netherlands. They were good enough to send me (all the way in the USA) a couple of Montblanc LEs and the Pelikan ink of the year. So, again, thanks for the inks!

Montblanc Pink is a bright, flowery pink that really reminds me of these phlox that I have in my garden.

 It's too dark to be neon, and that's a good thing for those of us who might actually write in this ink. I imagine that there are going to be lots of dudes out there who don't want to be caught with a pink ink in their fountain pen, but I ain't one of those. It's summer, and grading season is out for a while, but this one will be coming back into my rotation in the fall semester.

It behaves really well on copy papers, it flows perfectly in the pens I've tried it in, and the color is bright without being obnoxious. I don't know what else to ask for. A bigger bottle, maybe?

Get this one before it's gone.

Written Reviews!

I actually have two of these to post this time. I prefer using natural light to take my photos, and I usually use a pop-up light box to cut the glare on the page. This day, though, there were some fast moving clouds, so I want to show the ink with indirect light and bright sun. 


The two nibs at the bottom are both a little dry. I keep meaning to have them adjusted, but I haven't done that yet. Franklin-Christoph adjusts every nib they send out, but mine weren't adjusted because I just got them in a hurry at a show and didn't give them time to sort them out. No big deal. 

Color Comparisons!


Copy Paper Test!

Video Review and Water Test!

I'm a fan of this bright pink ink, just as I have been of almost all of the Montblanc limited edition inks. They are solid inks in nice bottles that will work well.

Find them at Appelboom for €14.80 in a 30ml bottle if you're on that side of the pond, or at Anderson Pens for $19 in the same bottle. Anderson Pens also has it in samples for $3 per 3ml.

The ink for this review was provided free of charge, but no money has changed hands and my review reflects my own experience with this ink. All opinions are mine.

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