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Kaweco Caramel Brown

 I've had this ink for a while, and I've had this write-up done for a long while. I honestly don't remember where I got this ink. It was either Anderson Pens or Jetpens. There aren't that many places to get this ink in the USA, but I've liked the ones that I've used, and this brown isn't any exception.

I called this ink "Sepia" on the review because the color looks like a sepia, and I'm sure that I heard it called Sepia at some point. According to the Kaweco site, it's actually called "Caramel Brown." That's a fine name. I just didn't really know it until just now. Kaweco doesn't put the ink's names on the boxes of cartridges or on their bottles. The label color is all you've got to go on unless you hunt down the name.

Full-page Write-Up!

I've used this ink in a few pens, and there are two different ones represented above. One is a really fine nib, and the other is much more medium/broad. I think the ink is fine in a small nib, but it's better in a big one. Right now I have it in a Pelikano Jr, and that's a big nib. A good one for this ink.


Ink Comparisons

The first picture below is from the actual review, and the one underneath is the one from my Noodler's Alamo's Twilight review. It's got more browns on it.


This one is a really interesting chromatography sample. All those colors going into making a pretty sweet brown ink.

Copy Paper Test

There's just a little bit of bleed, but that's not bad at all with a nib that is this broad and wet.

Video Review and Water Drop Test

I'd certainly advise a sample or a box of cartridges on this ink. It's a lovely brown ink that flows well and behaves itself on most papers. It's a bit expensive in bottles, even at Anderson Pens, going for $14 per 30ml bottle. Those are small bottles, but the ink is excellent, so give it a try.

I bought this ink, and I'll buy it again.
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