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Noodler's Alamo's Twilight


So...I got this from my mother for Christmas a year ago, and I guess I never posted a review for it. That's weird, because I've been using this ink pretty constantly. It's lived in my Platinum Plasir and it has been in my Franklin-Christoph Panther for a while as well.

When I got Alamo's Twilight, I thought it was going to be a red ink. It's got a red dot on top of the box. It's called Twilight, and there is a red dot on the top of the box. It's also called "Alamo's Twilight" and the picture on the bottle is roughly like one of our awesome red Texas sunsets.

It could be that there's something wrong with the batch of this ink that I got. Afterall, their website shows that Alamo's Twilight is a reddish color.  Honestly, though, I really like the brown better than the red that's shown there.

Anyway, it's brown. It's a slightly reddish brown, but it's brown. So, if you don't like brown inks you should check out another review. Maybe Toucan Umber? Nope...that's brown too. Okay, maybe Lamy Copper Orange?

Written Review


The Music nib that I used in the written bit above looks like it doesn't write well. That's not the case. It's just that I was trying to write really small with a 1.9mm nib. That's not really a thing that I can do. Oh well. Cest la vie.

Ink Comparisons

I've usually got some browns inked up, and now is no exception. There are 4 of them on this comparison, and they're all different in subtle ways. Twilight is reddish, 732 is the most straight-brown, Dark Chocolate is like a Hershey's Special Dark, and Sepia is somewhere in between. Oh, and the weirdly wonderful Cacao du Bresil is like a grey-brown. Pick your favorite.

Copy Paper Test

Yeah, there's some bleed and there are feathers. That's too bad, really, because this ink is great in so many other ways.


Check out the colors in this chromatography. Pretty wild, right? Wait until you see what Kaweco's Sepia has in store for you. That's a whole bucket of colors.

Video Review and Water Drop Test

So, at the end of the day, should you buy this ink?

I dunno.

It's an ink that doesn't behave well on copy paper, and it isn't red. It is, however, a brown color that isn't boring. I keep using it, and I'm not 100% sure why I do. I think that says it's a good ink, right? Or else I've lost my mind. Either way. (FYI, it's kinda late, and I'm kinda tired. Whatevs. I'm posting this one.)

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