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Montblanc JFK Navy Blue (Limited Edition)


Okay, day 2 of the Montblanc Limited Edition Week!  This is another ink sent to me from Appelboom Pennen in Netherlands. 

The JFK ink is an interesting ink. It's a dark blue whose colors vary depending on the paper and pen that is used. In the Delta Unica I had it in, the wet medium nib made it look so deep that it was almost black until it dries. The trick is that  this ink needs some space to breathe, I think. It's a great dusky blue, but it needs some space to show off that character.

It's an understated ink, and I think that goes well with the JFK pen. I don't usually go for the limited edition Montblancs, but this one is cool. 

It's not wild, but it's quietly awesome. I think it actually looks much better in person, but this picture isn't bad. Anyway, on to the ink!

Written Review

Close Ups!

And now, to show it on a different paper, here it is on one of my Proper Pads from Anderson Pens.The paper on these is more absorbent than the Rhodia that I use for most of my reviews, so it shows off the color a bit more in this case.

Copy Paper Test

There's just a little bit of bleed through from the Delta Unica. That's a wet nib, though, so it's going to be more prone to bleeding through.


It's just a bit different to all the blue inks that I have in pens right now. I've seen it next to Montblanc's Blue Black, and it looks really close, but I don't have that one to compare it with.


Blue and grey make up a dark navy blue, huh? Interesting stuff.

Video Review

This ink is almost a blue black if you have a wet-ish nib, but it really shows off that dusky blue in a wide nib on moderately absorbent papers. 

I don't see this ink on the Appelboom website anymore, but perhaps they're just out of stock.  or at Anderson Pens for $19 in the 30ml bottle.

The ink for this review was provided free of charge, but no money has changed hands and my review reflects my own experience with this ink. All opinions are mine.


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