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Noodler's Nikita


I've just written about Park Red, so I may as well follow it up with this ink that has so much in common with it. Like Park, Nikita has a  political bent. Also like Park, it has a strikingly pure red hue that is worth having in one's collection.

Thanks go out to Lori for this ink sample. I'm pretty certain that I told her it was a bleedy ink. She'll be happy to know that it's really not since she has a big bottle of it on her shelf.  Hey. Sometimes I get my red inks mixed up.

Check out the review below for all of the Nikita goodness.

 Written Review


 I really like this red. It's rich and saturated and you'll find a hint of gold/green sheen in there if you put the ink down heavily enough.

Copy Paper Test

 I thought that Nikita was an ink that had an issue with bleeding, but that's not what it did when I tested it on copy paper, so I guess I remembered incorrectly. 

Color Comparisons

Here's a zoom-in on the three reds at the top of the comparison. Nikita and Park are very close, with 187 being a brighter red. The Pink above isn't a great representation. I hadn't used that pen in a week or so and it had dried. It's usually much brighter/pinker than that. 


Video Review and Water Drop Test

Like I said, I really like this red ink. It's kind of a toss-up between this one and Park Red. Nikita seems to behave a bit better on copy paper, but Park has better drying times than Nikita. Pick your poison.

Find it at your favorite Noodler's vendor. I suggest AndersonPens where 4.5oz bottles are $19 and come with a free Noodler's pen. I'm not an employee, and I don't get a kick-back, but they're friends (and family business) that I really like to support when I can.
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