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Franklin-Christoph Red 187


 I'm finishing up the inks from Franklin-Christoph this week, and two of my favorites are in this set. Today's is one of those inks.

Red 187 is a straight-up red. It's not bloody and it's not dark or brooding or off-red. It's red. It flows well, a little on the wet side, and it doesn't behave badly on 20lb paper. That's an important feature in an ink I'm going to use for grading papers. Check out the review below.

Written Review

Ink Comparisons
I inked up a pen with Kaweco Red to compare to this ink because my mom called me up and asked me how they compared. Fortunately for her, I had one cartridge remaining of that color. In comparison, 187 is much more pure red than the Kaweco ink. That one is more pink when it goes down and more maroon when it dries. 187 is just a bright red. 


Copy Paper Test

 There is a little bit of bleed, but it's really minimal. Not enough bleed for me to worry about.

Compared to Kaweco Red on a Word Card

Water Drop Test and Video Review

You can find these inks at Franklin-Christoph's site for $12.50 in a 2oz glass bottle.Red 187 is great looking red, it behaves well on copy paper, and it's a good bet for anyone looking to add a red to their inventory. This is another ink that I would have bought if I didn't already have a bottle. So good.

This ink was provided to me for review purposes, but all of my reviews reflect only my own experiences and opinions of a product.

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