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Montblanc Daniel Defoe Palm Green

 A year or so ago I reviewed a weird grey/green called Swift Seaweed Green. It was a Montblanc Limited Edition that I just don't like all that much. I'm happy to report that this new Limited Edition green is far better.

This one is a dark green that reminds me of avocado. It's supposed to be a palm green, but I don't have much palm-tree experience. Either way, there's some great shading in this ink. This one doesn't masquerade as a black ink or anything, it's a green ink and that's rad.

Keep in mind that this is a limited-time ink, so get some while you can.

Written Review


This last one is taken in bright sunlight. 

Ink Comparisons

There are a couple more greens that I sampled next to these in the video, so check out the video for some bonus content. I had more greens on hand then I thought that I did. 

Copy Paper Test

You'll see a few spots of bleed in the bottom picture, but that's a very wet nib, so I'm not shocked. Bleed-through will be minimal in most pens.


Interesting how there are so often grey hues in green inks.

Video Review and Water Drop Test

It's note especially water resistant, but that's the only problem with this ink that I know of. It's a cool color, it behaves well in wildly different nibs, and it behaves well enough on copy paper. It's out of stock at Anderson Pens, but when it's in stock you can get it for $19 for 35ml. Check it out.

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