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Private Reserve's American Blue

Private Reserve American Blue 

Private Reserve's American Blue is one of my favorite Private Reserve inks, and it's becoming one of my favorite blues. It's bright, it shades, and there's even a bit of coppery-red sheen. What's not to like?

Pre-water drip test.

The paper that I'm using here is a sugarcane paper, so it's really good for fountain pens. As you can see, it does pucker up a bit where I smeared the ink swatch, though.

The shading and color are showcased above and below. This ink is an oddly saturated shader, though. Most of the inks with good shading aren't very saturated, but this is a Private Reserve ink, so it's got to be chock-full of pigment. 

The bright part of the ink is the best part, but the darker tones are what make this ink really usable. Too much of that light tone make the ink too light (as I said with Sailor Souten). The dark tones and solid performance make this ink really good.

Lots of places carry Private Reserve. Go get some in bottles or cartridges. It appears that they have different sizes of bottle. That's odd.
Anderson Pens $8.80 (50ml bottles)
Goulet Pens $11.00 (66ml bottles) $7.00 (50ml bottles) This is a sale price, so I'm not sure how long it applies.

Water Drop and Review Video

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Peninkcillin said...

Oh myyy! That shading is amazing! Reminds me a bit of Diamine Majestic Blue.

GourmetPens said...

Ooooh ... the sheen...

Mike Matteson said...

Thanks for the comments, folks! I don't think I've tried Diamine Majestic Blue, yet. I don't have all of my inks cataloged, but I don't see it in there.

If you want a comment from Azizah, you just gotta show some sheen!

Mike Matteson said...

I've been using PR inks for a long time and I've not seen it happen with them. I've always thought of that as the Diamine Funk. Meadow Green is a repeat offender for me. Anyway, it's not contamination or anything like that. It's caused by evaporating ink. A little water takes care of it. For some reason it seems to happen in pens without really secure caps and more with yellow inks than others.